Welcome to your local Slipgate's webpage!

It's a work in progress, like the community itself. I decided to startup Slipgate on 3/6/2021 due to not finding any true Rust "community server". I've had experience running large communities, clans and alliances in games since the early 2000's so I decided to bring my expertise to the Rust experience to see what I could put together. I've been AMAZED at the support from our base.

We will be opening more servers with different rulesets in the coming weeks as well, stay tuned and make sure to join our Discord as it's currently our main gateway to communication!  Discord :: Slipgate Complex Discord Server 

Also leave us a rating and written feedback on Slipgate Solo/Duo -- Just Wiped Server Listing for a supporter discord rank!

We also have a ->NON PAY TO WIN-< VIP SHOP for those that wish to help us expand and upgrade hardware, 100% of server donations will ALWAYS be used to upgrade our community, from hardware, server population limit, server expansion [more servers], and a dedicated IP address domain [ ie: slipgate.gg ]

I will be making frequent updates to our website, but for now it's functionable and you should be able to find the pages you need to find.