VIP [Advanced]

15.00 USD

For our advanced package you'll get the following for 30 Days :

1.) Que Bypass

2.) Skinbox (type /skinbox) in chat, drag your weapon over. All tiers include a generous amount of skins. Higher the VIP tier, the more skins. 

3.) Colored Names [You can edit the colors of your name yourself - Name must be visible in chat]

4.) Colored Messages [Text must be readable in chat]

5) Rainbow Name via Colored Messages

6.) VIP Exclusive Voting.

7.) VIP Chat and Voice Channels

8.) Permanent "Supporter" Rank

9.) Ability to see maps before each map wipe

(Solo/Duo is still Solo/Duo - No teaming).

**Prices and features subject to change.**

Colored Name Commands :

  • /colours - Prints out help
  • /clear/reset/remove - Resets your colour
  • /colour gradient <hexCode1 hexCode2 hexCode3 ...> - Changes your colour to the given gradient colours
  • /colour random - Changes your colour to random hex code
  • /colour rainbow - Changes your colour to the rainbow colours 

 Colored Chat Commands : 

         /mcolours for help using the chat {message} colour changer.

Here is a nifty Hex Chart to aid you - HEX Color Codes | HEX Color Picker - ColorSchemer