VIP [Apex]

20.00 USD

For our intermediate package you'll get the following for 30 Days :

1.) Que Bypass

2.) Skinbox (type /skinbox) in chat, drag your weapon over. Access to ALL skins out of the box.

3.) Quality of Life Plugin [Furnace Splitter]

4.) Colored Names [You can edit the colors of your name yourself - Name must be visible in chat]

5.) Colored Messages [Text must be readable in chat]

6.) Rainbow Name via Colored Messages

7.) Rainbow Chat via Colored Messages

8.) VIP Exclusive Voting.

9.) VIP Chat and Voice Channels

10.) Permanent "Supporter" Rank

11.) Ability to see maps before each wipe

(Solo/Duo is still Solo/Duo - No teaming).

**Prices and features subject to change.**

Furnace Splitter Commands :

  • /fs -- Shows the status and help options
  • /fs on -- To enable Furnace Splitter
  • /fs off -- To diable Furnace Splitter

Colored Name Commands :

  • /colours - Prints out help
  • /clear/reset/remove - Resets your colour
  • /colour gradient <hexCode1 hexCode2 hexCode3 ...> - Changes your colour to the given gradient colours
  • /colour random - Changes your colour to random hex code
  • /colour rainbow - Changes your colour to the rainbow colours 

 Colored Chat Commands : 

         /mcolours for help using the chat {message} colour changer.

Here is a nifty Hex Chart to aid you - HEX Color Codes | HEX Color Picker - ColorSchemer